Programming for Kids

computer programming hard to learn??||Mark Zuckerberg, Bill Gates

Here are Programming apps and kits that can help kids learn programming:

Alice :  Is Using an innovative programming environment to support the creation of 3D animations,  the Alice Project provides tools and materials for teaching and learning computational thinking, problem solving.

Code Studio  : Have courses for computer science fundamentals for all ages.

Grok Learning :  Introduces Python to middle school kids

Hopscotch : Help kids develop their own games on ipad.

Khan Academy : Learn how to program drawings, animations, and games using JavaScript & Processing JS, or learn how to create webpages with HTML & CSS. kids  can share projects and learn from each other.

Kickstarter’s Kano kit : designed as well for kids to introduce hardware components and put them together to build a computer.

Lego Mindstorms : a popular kit that allow students build their own robots and program them

LightBot : Introduces kids to basic programming concepts available on different platforms for kids at age of four.

Raspberry Pi : an inexpensive computer kit that helps to build and program your own computer

Scratch  is a visual programming language and an online community where children (8-16) can program using blocks for enhance their programming logic and flow.

Tickle : You can program a variety of drones and robots to fly, take photos, and navigate through mazes for kids 6+

W3schools : introduce kids to HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, appropriate for kids 12+.