I started teaching programming fifteen years ago, yet I believe there are still plenty  to learn  especially with the rapid shift in technology.  Programming &  education are two dynamic fields, thus educators need to be flexible and long life learners , they must continuously update their knowledge as what is currently being used may be outdated in few months.

Recently I started teaching online. Online learning is a completely different experience and though it reaches tens of students or maybe thousands as in MOOC , each of these students live in different part of the world , yet it sets a unresolved challenge for educators. In attempt for resolution I joined the province instructor program.

My primary focus was always on being an experienced and knowledgeable instructor i.e. well prepared and fully aware of the subject content. but through the PIDP I realized the equal importance if not more of what I call the art of delivery in the profession of teaching , I gained a lot of skills in the last few months and looking forward for more throughout my upcoming PIDP courses.

The purpose of this blog is to share all my opinions, experience, and resources I was lucky to obtain through my current adult education program PIDP, I consider it a database for those of similar interests.

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