Web 2.0 Tools used for teaching


Web 2 Tools under CC by Nickrate

Here are valuable resources posted by me and my colleagues in Media Enhanced Learning course  for web 2.0 tools.

Apps Creators

AppsGeyser: No technical background is needed

IbuildApp: enable you to create an app from your site either for a small fee or a revenue share.

Blogging Platforms

  • Blogger  :Google’s publishing too
  • Edmodo  :Good for making password protected groups of blogs
  • Edublogs : A hosted blogging platform designed for education
  • Medium: A community of readers and writers write and share  their stories
  • Posterious :Super simple, and with lots of functionality
  • Soup.io  :Another powerful product from the “io” people
  • Tumblr  :A feature rich system
  • Wikispaces  :Educators are given a free 2 GB to develop wikis for their classes

Brainstorming &Collabrative Mindmaps

Copyright issues


Free Images and Sounds

  • Bensounds Where you are able to use music for free.
  • Free Digital Photosallow you to use images for free and you have an option to pay to upgrade to larger images.
  • Hooksounds: is a curated collection of royalty-free music
  • Pic4Learningis a free image library for education
  • Pixabay : promote free high quality images.
  • Unsplash : A great resource for free images, you must only give credit to creator
  • Wikimedia: Free-licensed educational media content

Instructional Videos and Video Sharing

  • Commoncraft : It is a simple three-minute videos to help educators introduce complex subjects free to view
  • Teacher Tube :  It more educationally focused  when compared to others, it allows teachers and students to set up accounts for free and upload videos, lesson plans, and curriculum content to be easily-accessed both in schools, institutes and at home. It is provide safer learning environment for educators and learners. There are no lengthy advertisements prior to videos and users can create collections of videos to share with others with only one hyperlink being needed.

Online Storage and sharing

  • DropBox : provide 2 GB storage and, you can share files online.
  • Evernote : It is free, you can put all of your ideas

Online Polling and Survey Tools

  • Flisti : Super easy polling system. No signup required.
  • MicroPoll : Good for creating a poll to embed in a blog or some other website.
  • Polldaddy : Free and paid plans available.
  • Poll Everywhere : Unlimited polls with up to 30 respondents on the free plan.
  • Survey Monkey : popular used to create online surveys and polls
  • TextTheMob : Free plan allows for up to three questions with 50
  • Vorbeo : Another system for creating a poll to embed in your website.

Quizzes and games

  • Cram :  is a good study tool to create, print, share and download millions of flashcards.
  • Kahoot : is a free game-based learning platform
  • ProProfs Quiz maker: ideal for creating quizzes, tests and exams.
  • Quizlet : create and share flash cards, an excellent revision tool

Social Bookmarking

  • Delicious : The first and still one of the most popular social bookmarking tools. Its interface is very easy to use.
  • Diigo :  A little more functionality than Delicious. Allows you to annotate and highlight bookmarked sites

Social Networking

  • Ning :  an online platform for people and organizations to create custom social networks
  • Twieducate: educators can post resources for students, share posts and comment and reflect on them

Word Cloud Creators

  • Wordle : one of the first and free tag cloud creators, it allows users to create customizable word clouds from any text, and it gives greater prominence to words that appear more frequently in the source text.
  • Tagul : Another cloud creator, it is free for noncommercial use only, that uses flash platform instead of java applets used by Wordle that some browsers don’t run, you can embed your Tagul clouds into your blog or website check this link for more details to do that .
  • Tagxedo: is a free cloud creator that creates visually stunning, customizable word clouds. Similar to Wordle, however, it allows for greater customization of the final cloud particularly in its shape and the file format output.

Other Stuff

  • Forvo : pronunciation dictionary comes,users can hear any word pronounced in any language.
  • GoogleDocs : is a free online word processor can be accessed through tablets and smartphone and files are saved on clouds
  • I wish you to : is a free tool to draw and animate a greeting card.
  • Padlet :is free online tool where anyone can build a wall and everybody can stick post-it notes electronically onto the wall.
  • Cueprompter : is a free online webtool that allows you to copy and paste, or type in text onto a screen that then can roll along like a teleprompter while you are recording a webcast.
  • Evaer: Captures original Skype audio and video data to record with high quality.
  • Puzzle maker: Allows you to make a puzzle then print it