Python Programming by Derek Banas.


Python is a widely used general-purpose, high-level programming language. Its design philosophy emphasizes code readability, and its syntax allows programmers to express concepts in fewer lines of code than would be possible in languages such as C++ or Java.

Printing in Python

print “what ever you want to print”

print ‘I want to print this statement’

print ‘I want to print “quotes” here’

#print on same line

print “This is” ,

print “ on one line”

#print on same line with same command
print “This is” , “ on one line”


comments are used to document your code,any text in python with a # symbol is ignored until the end of that line

# I will print my name

print “John” # this line prints my name

Getting Input from Keyboard

we use raw_input

a = raw_input()

a = raw_input(“Please Enter your name”)

to read an Integer

a = int(raw_input(“Enter your age”))


a = input(“Enter your age”)


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