Self-Disclosure : Who am I as an Online Learner?

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I believe I am a self-directed learner, I love to take control of my learning experience, decide for myself what to do, how, and when. Flexibility and freedom are key to me, for instance, I hate schedules and deadlines that are set by my mentors and facilitators. Yet, I own effective time skills and respect any learning experience I get involved into and that’s why I exhibit my best to attain success.

My learning experience should be relevant, I went through many irrelevant experiences throughout my professional development, though I successfully completed the majority, yet I can’t recall any of their learning aims.

I am a persistent learner if I feel supported, I hardly give up even with challenges in the way and will continue to work in tough times and seek support until I get on the right route. I feel I am capable to adapt well to change if I saw in it evidence of efficacy and was well supported.
I am impatient with long discussions on theory and like to see theory applied via practical problems and illustrative real-life applications. I describe myself as an experiential learner, I feel mostly engaged in micro worlds, simulations, and problem-based learning. In most cases, doing and experimenting learning content re-ignite my curiosity to get back to research theories and content and not the conventional other way around.

Though, I prefer practices and assignments that include using technology such as creating a video or game, I get totally absorbed with technology that might distract me from focusing on content or learning objectives that I need to attain. Lately, I carryout a strategy to handle that issue where I work on content before tool and while utilizing a tool I set a time frame to get the assignment done.

In e-learning setting, I am more in need to constructive balanced feedbacks on my work that make me aware where I stand in my learning experience and highlights my mistakes that I consider as opportunities for learning.

I hate the current grading system and believe it stifle learning. Personally, I get affected and demotivated by low grades. Through, I realize that I should focus on what I learn rather than the summative symbols, yet it a weak point about myself as a learner that I can’t overcome. I hope a new evaluation system evolve where learning shouldn’t be measured, rather it should be discussed and evaluated.

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