5 Important Things to Remember When Preparing to Teach Online

1- Striving for all Forms of Presence: The social, cognitive and teaching presence.
2- Structuring an Online Course: Experienced online instructors suggest developing online course well in advance and with clear and concise objectives.
3- Creating a Learning Community: When learners interact with one another, with their educator, and with ideas, new information is acquired, interpreted, and made meaningful. Such interactions form the foundation of a community of learners. If students feel they are part of a community they are more apt to be motivated and thus seek solutions to their problems and succeed.
4- Managing technology efficiently: One of the most important elements of planning and managing online courses is educators’ recognition of the fact that although there are a wide array of educational technologies and course management tools available for online teaching, not all of these technologies are appropriate matches to the subject matter, pedagogy, and teaching strategies.
5- Providing continuous effective feedback: its role best described as “when learners are engaged in e-learning experience. It’s like flying a plane in a heavy fog on instruments; they can’t see the ground or the obstacles. feedback can help them line up their plane” (Miami University, n.d.)

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