Fostering a Positive Learning Environment


By Marwa Kotb.

Creating a positive climate for learning in classroom is shared responsibility between teachers and students. Thus it is one of the most challenging aspects of teaching. In this post I will provide ten tips that helps educators to develop a positive learning environment in classroom

  1. Recognize who our students are: by that I mean to know further than their names and academic information. You can ask students  to submit a written assignment or record an audio that include their prior knowledge, intellectual development, cultural background, experiences and expectations.
  2. Enhance students’ intrinsic motivation: help students see how their education can make a difference in how they see themselves and become aware of their personal satisfactions due to their achievements
  3. Help students to establish relations: there are numerous activities that educators can utilize to acquaint students with each other such as what’s in name, and revolving centers
  4. Make Learning Relevant: One way to take learning in a direction relevant to student interest is to invite student dialogue about the lessons and units of study.
  5. Use the appropriate humor: add to class content funny stories, funny comments, jokes, cartoons, and riddles. It helps to create conditions conducive to learning.
  6. Plan to arrive to class few minutes earlier: it creates a friendly atmosphere and indicates to students that you are approachable.
  7. Confront problems as they arise: As conflicts grow out of inattentiveness and passivity of some educators (Barkley, 2010, p.111).
  8. Attend extracurricular activities featuring your students: It means a lot to students when teachers take time out of their schedules to visit an activity they are involved in
  9. Use a Classroom Ethics Contract: provide the students to sign an ethics contract that contains a list of positive behavioral expectations
  10. Always Be Positive: perhaps the most important strategy, Educators can’t create positive environment without being positive themselves


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