Critiquing PIDP 3250 Digital Project: Team-Teaching Model

Sometimes I ask my students to write short reports critiquing their own work and describe improvements that can be made. I call this assignment developing an appraisal expertise. In this post I decided to do the same by writing down the strengths and weakness of to my own digital project assignment in PIDP3250.

I believe that there are three strengths in my work. First the topic choice “Team-Teaching Model” as some research support utilizing the model to help educators balance their inclinations (Brookfield, 2015, p.102), other think that the model is an “educational fad” (Thomas & Diana, 2014, April 30). That controversial makes the title appealing and catchy to draw people attention and curiosity to watch. Second the material provided is very informative and covers all assignment guiding questions. Third utilizing PowToon that allows to create animated presentations, it uses the power of cartoons that is entertaining and suitable for the time constraint specified in the technical specifications of the assignment i.e. maximum five minutes.

As for the weakness, I need to improve my skills in presenting the content through media. Looking back at my video, there are things I would have done differently such as replacing text with audio highly recommended by my professor in his feedback, using more consistent colors, including signposts and markers that clearly signal important or challenging points, and placing more relevant images. At the end, I believe that the collective impact of any experience for better or for worse will have a positive effect on my future projects.

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