Reflection on my PIDP Experience

Video Created for PIDP3260

By Marwa Kotb.
Eight months ago, I joined PID program. I am currently taking my fourth course professional practice PIDP3260, I have finished the foundation of adult education PIDP3100, instruction delivery PIDP3220, and enhanced digital media PIDP3240 courses. I had a great learning experience, I felt supported from day one. I had achievements and failures, but even mistakes are opportunities to learn, as John Dewey wrote “Failure is instructive. The person who really thinks learns quite as much from his failures as from his successes” (
PIDP3100 was a tough beginning at least for the first few weeks as I had never obtained any degree in education or its associated subfields, like educational psychology, adult learning, and higher education. Through the course I learned about a range of learning theories that include behaviorist theories, cognitive psychology, constructivism, social constructivism, experiential learning, multiple intelligence, situated learning. Understanding these theories are foundational to what we have come to understand about adult education. Writing journals and essay helped me to develop confidence and quality in my academic writing skills that weren’t that good especially that English is not my first language.

On my PIDP 3220 course, I had delivered three mini presentation on topics related to different aspects in my personal life and work experience as a programming instructor. As a lab instructor I rarely use PowerPoint presentations as a strategy to deliver content, I rely more on problem solving and project implementation. Through the course I learned use the BOPPPPS approach to plan a lesson, how to better manage time to achieve my lessons objectives, how to present and illustrate content concisely in simple terms and meaningful sequence and to  use various illustrative examples to address different learning styles, to accept effective criticism from my colleagues and work out to improve my deficits in the future.

Educational technology is currently of great impact especially with the rise of online learning, blended and flipped classroom approaches, gamification, and web2 tools. One of the most important benefits of PIDP3240 was that my skills in presenting the content through media had progressed. I was able to make effective short videos using screen recording and video editing softwares such as Movavi and screen flow, and integrate web2 tools to engage students.

Currently I am working on my PIDP 3260, I implemented an online formative mid-term course evaluation form to collect data to assess the quality of my teaching in a number of online courses, and produced a video using a PowToon presentation for the first time. There is still a lot to learn throughout my PID journey and plenty of things I need to improve in the future, and I believe the collective impact of the experience in the program, for better or for worse will have a direct influence on my route as a learner and instructor.

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