In Five Years I Would Like to Be


By Marwa Kotb.

The rise of technology made the world a smaller place with information at people’s fingertips. The rapid development in online education made many instructors to decide to shift from a face-to-face classroom to an online setting. For many years I worked as a computer lab instructor in some educational institutions. Since 2015 I started a new path in my career and have worked as a part time online assistant in an educational institute, my job was to help students struggling with their computer courses through one to one online synchronous sessions using Skype, or Oovoo. My sessions were totally tailored to student’s needs within the specific objectives of the courses provided in the institution.

In five years I want to become a full time online instructor that provide a set of high quality online courses in the private market industry, I am convinced that I cannot get across the finish line with a Web cam and an Internet connection, thus I  believe that developing an entire online course and publishing it at this stage without experience and support of an educational institution won’t not be the best transition for me. Learning to teach in a new environment is a significant challenge and it requires a new set of skills different from my previous experience. I decided to attain my goal through small, incremental steps. My first step was when I signed up in a virtual classroom platform “E-lectalive” ( and started to offer online live sessions to small groups of students. It is an independent experience where I am totally in charge of course planning tasks that involves determining the intended learning outcomes, assessments, content and instructional strategies. To enhance all these tasks I joined the PID program.

I signed up in some of the well-known online learning organization to learn how to plan, design, publish and promote courses in online market. Currently I am halfway to complete “How to Create Your Udemy Course” ( In my opinion there is no way I can keep up with or know about every platform designed to create online courses in the market but these courses will certainly help me to gain an accurate and deep understanding of the industry.

I am planning to seek a more professional complete training and become a certified online instructor, thus after I finish my PID Program I  will join the Certificate in Online/eLearning Instruction program  provided in VCC ( which is specialized in designing, developing and delivering online instruction.




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