My First Pecha Kucha Presentation

By Marwa Kotb.

In the process of creating my first Pecha Kucha PowerPoint, I learned that there are there are main 3 factors a presenter should consider to make a successful Pecha Kucha, first the selection of the topic, second finding relevant images and in Pecha Kucha presentations in particular with no text “A picture is worth a thousand words” (, and third handling efficiently the time constraint for the Pecha Kucha i.e. 20 second for each of the 20 slides. In each of these aspects I learned a lot of lessons and skills that I will state while briefly describing my experience of creating my first Pecha Kucha.
I went through are 2 consecutive phases in this task, a preparation phase and then the implementation phase. On the preparation phase, first I selected my topic which is “The impact of technology overuse on early childhood”, I am passionate and familiar with that topic but not an expert, I selected it because it is simple and trending and inclusive, it addresses everyone in the society even if not a parent or an instructor, it wasn’t my first selection as I wanted to make my Pecha Kucha on a programming topic based on the idea of being more comfortable if you know the topic very well, but I find out after rehearsing with few slides that it is hard to explain a complex topic in less than 7 minutes, thus the first lesson I learned while working on my Pecha Kucha Presentation is to select a simple topic. Shortly after I gathered the content to present, while I was preparing my outline or script for each of the 20 slides I learned that it important practice especially for those like myself not familiar with the idea of equal time allotted for each slide, I took more to prepare for this 6 minute presentation than a fifty minutes Java session, a lot of adjusting and refinement before I reached the final script and content order. The final part of that phase was to find online, big, relevant and legal images to advance as I talk along in Pecha Kucha presentation, all the images I used were under the creative commons license of Pixabay , one important issue I learned in this phase is to check carefully the copyright and attribution of any image before using it.
On the implementation phase after putting the images into the PowerPoint I started the screen casting, I had no previous experience, I used Movavi software for the task, while screen casting my Pecha Kucha I have learnt new technical skills such as how to review the recording then determine whether to re-record or edit it, through the editing I learned how to adjust the sound volume and speed, remove the recording toolbar that appears by default, add transition and export the video to different formats. After finishing my first attempt I created my first YouTube account and uploaded the video online to test, I did a lot of fixing up and testing in that phase till I reached my final copy of my presentation.

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